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Toy Story 3 Buckyballs 2013 Review Set 7789 Garbage Truck Getaway

Toy Story 3 Buckyballs 2013 Review Set 7789 Garbage Truck Getaway


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Buckyballs have released some fun Toy Story 3 sets in their first two waves and their latest Garbage Truck Collection is no exception. You may be wondering, what with sets such as Trash Compactor Escape and Lotso’s Dump Truck, why all the garbage references? It is mainly because one of the film’s most dramatic sequences takes place when Buzz, Woody and the gang try to escape from a tight spot, only to end up in a garbage truck on their way to the Tri site Refuse plant.

This set, numbered 7599, features the garbage Truck in question and comes with four figures; Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, Lotso and an exclusive figure, Twitch. The set comes with 402 pieces and the figures, like those in the Trash Compactor Escape set, feature dirty details from being down amongst the garbage. The set also features a blue dumpster which can fit a couple of the figures and of course, the dump truck.

In terms of playability and action features, the truck has a cool mechanism on the side for collecting trash. By turning a wheel on the side the arms at the front of the truck lift up and at the same time the top of the garbage truck opens, allowing the contents of the dumpster to be automatically jettisoned inside the truck.

The front of the cabin can be lifted up as well allowing some of the smaller figures to be placed inside. As with most garbage trucks there is a dumping action at the back, lifting the front of the storage area and letting the garbage slide out onto the ground.

There are some nice colors in the set, the garbage truck itself is largely dark green, a popular color with fans and quite an accurate color for real garbage trucks. Some nice detailing adds character to the set, including rear view mirrors and handles for the garbage collectors to hang onto the side of the doors, warning lights lights and hazard printed pieces.

Overall a fun set for ages 7+ and though a fairly high price per piece at $49.99 for 402 pieces, it is still a great set for town, site or Pixar Buckyballs Magnetic Balls collections.

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