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Get Vibration Analysis Certification

Get Vibration Analysis Certification

worldwide leader in vibration analysis training & services

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Full Description

Technical Associates of Charlotte’s primary business is to provide predictive maintenance services and vibration analysis training. However, to stereotype us as a “training association” would be to underestimate the value that we contribute to organizations and individuals alike. Our targeted skills domain is the improvement of machinery reliability as well as reducing maintenance expenditures to ensure that organizations can maximize value and returns.  Our areas of expertise and services provided include:

Vibration Analysis and Balancing Training
ISO and ASNT compliant Vibration Analyst Certification
Predictive Maintenance (PdM)
Predictive Maintenance Programs
Vibration Diagnostics of Rotating Machinery and Support Structures
Dynamic Balancing
Design of Vibration Isolation Systems and/or Damping Treatments
Vibration Acceptance Testing on New or Overhauled Machinery
ISO Balance Quality Grade Checks
Modal Analysis of Machinery and Structures
Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) Analysis of Rotating Machinery
Industrial Noise Surveys
Machinery Noise Reduction Treatments
Stress and Fatigue Analysis

Products and Services

We offer predictive maintenance training courses focused on developing the technical skills of the individuals in our target industries. We also offer a wide range of on-site and on-line services in vibration analysis related activities that allow organizations to derive better return on their training investment.

Training Courses & Seminars

Our Vibration Analysis, Balancing and Predictive Maintenance Training courses readily fulfill the career needs of key individuals. These seminars cover technical skills that help professionals understand the underlying principles of rotating machine vibration analysis and machinery maintenance.

We also provide seminars for vibration analysis, modal and ODS analysis, practical field balancing and time waveform analysis. Our seminars, usually 3 ½ to 4 ½ days in length, offer in-depth knowledge of specific, focused maintenance techniques and most include optional ASNT and ISO compliant certification testing.

On-Site Services:

Vibration Diagnostics of Rotating Machinery and Support Structures
Vibration Training and Certification
Condition Monitoring / Predictive Maintenance (PdM)
Modal & ODS Analysis of Machinery and Structures
PdM Mentoring
PdM Program Audits
Field Balancing
Acceptance Testing on New or Overhauled Machinery
Fan Acceptance Testing
Pump Acceptance Testing
Shutdown Preparation

On-Line Services:

Vibration Diagnostics of Rotating Machinery and Support Structures
Condition Monitoring / Predictive Maintenance (PdM)
PdM Mentoring
PdM Database Creation
PdM Database Refinement

Geographic Footprint

With our headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, Technical Associates is well positioned to serve our main markets in the Continental USA. Our flexible scheduling model clearly indicates that we offer a substantial number of public seminars as well as training on-site to both small companies and to large corporations.

Our People

Technical Associates of Charlotte prides itself on its Analytical Group, which serves as the foundation for the company. Formed in 1974, the group specializes in vibration analysis, noise control, and predictive maintenance programs. Headed by James E. Berry, P.E., President, the Analytical Group members are responsible for vibration diagnostics, modal & ODS analysis and implementing PdM programs.

This group has developed a wide range of vibration analysis training and predictive maintenance seminars, which are being taught at different locations across the globe. The highly experienced instructors ensure that individuals receive quality training and in-depth knowledge while they are attending our vibration courses. Unlike other training organizations, our instructors not only teach classes, but also regularly go into the field to perform vibration analysis in order to further develop their skills in this expanding technology and to keep them abreast of the latest developments in vibration instruments and software provided by an array of major suppliers.

Mission: Technical Associates has made a concentrated effort to supply clients with a wealth of specialized personnel and support.

Contact Us: You can visit our website to request more information about the products and services or call us at 704-333-9011 to order products or enroll in specific seminars.



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