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Friends That Share, Inc.

Friends That Share, Inc.

  1. Description

Full Description is a fully built and operational?group buying site is built around the premise that current daily deal propositions offered to the advertiser are not serving the purposes of the advertiser. They are slanted highly in favor of the consumer and not designed to build loyalty, word of mouth business or repeat business after the offer is used or expires. The traditional 50% off retail price discount deals foster reduced margins and do nothing to solve the real problems of local businesses.

The value proposition begins by delivering highly targeted event offerings in ways that deliver the highest value to the audience, while delivering the best ROI to the advertiser. ?We build and seed our consumer lists with influencers who already promote great gatherings and events and provide them a terrific tool to invite their friends to take part in offers that actually get better as more people participate.

Unlike any other site, the Friends That Share platform uniquely encourages consumers in several ways to share each event offering with their friends, family, colleagues and others. First, the site??s dynamic pricing feature incentivizes each consumer to share the offer by automatically lowering the special event price as more vouchers are sold.? Second, the system??s unique platform credits each consumer??s account with real dollars each time they share the offer.

These features combine to motivate each member to build their own buying group, virally multiplying the reach of each offer. ?While traditional deal sites also try to build groups, they are divergent anonymous strangers who are not in any way incented to share the offer with others.? To the contrary, Friends That Share inherently provokes each consumer to share the offers throughout their already locally connected groups, fueling a herding effect around each special event.

Third, the Friends That Share platform can also marry each event offering with at least one local nonprofit, automatically generating a donation to each charity each time a voucher is purchased.? A portion of the offering price paid by the consumer is donated by Friends That Share to the nonprofit.?? This system creates yet another compelling reason for each consumer, merchant and charity to share the event offerings with others.

The final but perhaps most important distinction between and other group buying sites is our first to market ??self-serve?? merchant module.? A merchant can register their business and enter their own event offerings, eliminating much of the hassle, time and costs incurred by a merchant when advertising on traditional daily deal sites.? The merchant is allowed complete control over all terms and conditions of the offering, including when the event is posted, minimum and/or maximum event vouchers offered, dynamic price breaks, etc.? Since the merchant pays nothing up front to use our system, we believe businesses will be motivated to use for multiple offerings, each of which represent much more significant discounts than deals on other group buying sites. The result is a greater quantity and quality of our event offerings in comparison to other sites.

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